Sunday, 29 July 2012

Club Airly

Hi! It's Oda Hikaru here! I'm here today to talk about Club Airly!

Club Airly

Not much people know them, but there already a long time the producers group The Pantans make some works with some VOCALOIDs and they've already made some songs with Hatsune Miku together and made a kind of band with the VOCALOIDs KAITO, Hiyama Kiyoteru, Kagamine Len and Gackpoid. They intended to make some songs for VOCALOID male fangirls. I'm talking about Club Airly, or Gensou Airly as some people know them!
Welcome to Club Airly
The Pantans have already made some albums as Club Airly. Althought there are already much more Japanese VOCALOID males, they still make songs with only those VOCALOIDs.

Club Airly doesn't have a complex story, but every VOCALOID has his "nickname" (dunno if I may call it like this) to make it "cuter". Hiyama Kiyoteru is Kiyo, Gackpoid is Gack, Kagamine Len is just Len and KAITO is just Kai. Some of their well-known songs are Fukutsu-ryoku!! (or, "Indomitable Force!!") and Summer☆girl. Both can be found at the album Gensou Vacation!
And that's it! You may listen to more Club Airly right down here! Have fun!
Border and Innocent
Fallen Fruit From A Dream
We cannot see you in Summer

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